667A8685 拷贝

Another One

陈 末 CHEN Mo

大风吹 Gypsy

冯 依伦 FENG Yilun

施 逸群 SHI Yiqun

2022.2.26 – 4.10



The title of the exhibition “Another One” comes from the Outsider mentioned by the curatorial team during thediscussion. When the epidemic swept through, the artists both facing and turning back to the surroundings, returned to China, and the brand new circle and state. The vibrant creativity is ready to emerge from their bodies, the desire to express is as strong as the pain of aspiring to be recognized, intentionally or spontaneously, the sharp and soft positive-negative spaces, the collision of strong colors, the  powerless and high-pitched echoes, the exploration of time-space of the finite and the infinite, plays in a melody that is both contradictory and harmonious in their works.
What is inside? What about outside? The vocabulary constructs an invisible boundary, which is between this world and out of the world, between peoples, between matters, and between the real and the virtual. In fact, we can split things with a boundary. It is a bit like the gear-like language of Gypsy, also like Chen Mo weaving time-space into a web. What they want to say is: Is there really such a boundary?

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The concave and convex are very simple and vivid images like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When spliced together, they are seamlessly integrated into one. In fact, they are originally a whole piece, and the boundary is self-defined by dualism. Just like the four young artists in this group exhibition, each of them has their own style, but when presented as a whole group exhibition, self-expression goes to its origin, which is actually the same language. It is a bit like the gear-like language of Gypsy, also like Chen Mo weaving time-space into a web. In Feng Yilun’s photography, the momentary light and shadow, people and environment, revealing wonderful poetry and disappointment. And Shi Yiqun’s works always show a slight cunning under the warm romance, which is his unique look when he is looking for “another one”.

Just as a wandering soul seeks a sojourn, roamer will also enter any other body that he wishes to enter. The self is sometimes the “other”, seeking “another one”, It is also for individualistic “concave and convex”.

About the artist


CHEN Mo(b.1994)

In CHEN Mo’s creative process, he often treats himself and others as a fictionalised concept of “individual”. In “de-civilisation” and “de-materialisation”, different conditions and individuals are unitised and databased. So that experiments can be carried out on the relationship between the “individual and the whole”, and the results can be expressed in graphic and realistic arguments. In this pictorial visual space, he treats human beings, matter, nature, time and space as local data conditions for a grand experiment on the ‘whole’. He interprets the relationship between “time and space” from a perspective that removes limitations, attempting to describe an “invisible violence” nurtured in space and time. Against this grand worldview, his work is no longer constrained by the medium and is ultimately free in its loss of freedom.

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Gypsy (b.1996)

Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China,

Graduated from Jiangsu University majoring in environmental engineering, China,

Currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Majoring in environmental engineering, Gypsy is driven by relentless artistic passion and desire, and spontaneously created hundreds of original works with distinctive styles in just a few years since college. His works span multiple fields such as painting, installation, performance, video, and costume design, taking the morphology of humans and nature as breakthroughs, and making vigorous attempts under the theme of love, freedom, and death.

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冯 依伦 FENG Yilun_m

FENG Yilun (b.1994)

FENG Yilun was born in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, graduated from the Bissonette Printmaking Academy in Florence, Italy, and now lives and works in Shanghai; 2022 “Another One “Group Exhibition, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China; 2021 Photo Group Exhibition “meet the unexpected “, Haaalo Company, Shanghai China; 2019 HAKUCHI Photography Group Exhibition “Innocence”, HAKUCHI, Beijing China; 2018 MU Care Month Collaborative Exhibition “With Us”, Shanghai China; 2018 Independent Artists Group Exhibition “The Ubiquitous”, Shanghai China; 2015 Interviewed by China VICE Channel; 2015 Solo Exhibition “Living on the Street”, 601 Gallery Room Shanghai, China.

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SHI Yiqunb.1994

Shi Yiqun regards creation as a kind of self-expression. He uses his own painting language to explain love, express his heart, and face himself. The artist does not want to limit his creative themes, and all his expressions come from his real feelings at the moment. The technique of creation unmodifiedly echoes the Impressionism, Fauvism and Nabi painting that he loves. It seems that other people care about the great symbols and profound thoughts, and what he is recording is the joys and sorrows of individual lives. The strong colors make the original objective existence a reconstruction of his heart; in his large number of self-portraits, we can see his love for truth and his resistance to the empty reality of contemporary art.

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