“The Artists’ Home” Artists Residency Project at Zhujiajiao sponsered by Shun Art Gallery Shanghai

Published Sunday, January 1, 2023

01 About the Artists Residency Project

Shanghai Shun Art & Design Co., Ltd.(上海熏依社文化艺术有限公司), established in August 2006, is the head company of Shun Art & Design Group in China. The name comes from the Chinese pronunciation of “Shun Art & Design”. “熏” is the pronunciation of Shun, “依” means Art, and “社” signifies Design. Our company mainly engages in the operations of its gallery which is Shun Art Gallery. Shun Art & Design Group also has offices in Paris and Tokyo respectively. We all work together to build a platform of the multi-national enterprise. 

We aim to provide opportunities for Asian emerging artists to showcase their works as well as introduce overseas artists to clients. Shun Art Gallery is working on the concept of Asian Contemporary Art because we trust that “Asia” is the most important concept of the future. We hope to make contributions towards the internationalization of Chinese contemporary art.


02 About the Residency 

Located in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town well-known throughout the country, with a history of more than 1700 years. The little fan-shaped town glimmers like a bright pearl in the landscape of lakes and mountains. Endowed with another elegant name-“Pearl Stream”- the little town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in Shanghai. Unique old bridges across bubbling streams, small rivers shaded by willow trees, and the buildings built during Ming and Qing Dynasties attracted and transported people who have been living amidst the bustle and hustle of the metropolis to a brand-new world full of antiquity, leisure and tranquility.



Near the studio is 800 acres of large Dianhu Lake. The Daguanyuan Scenic Area across the lake is connected with the Taihu Lake water system, which is also known as the “Oriental Venice”. You can reach the lake from the studio on foot, for a good place of morning exercises. You may enjoy yoga and meditation by the lake, release your mind, and watch the setting sun in the early evening. The scene accompanies the artist’s hard work every day, and stimulates their creativity. There are also many local artists who gather around the “Tiger’s House”. Their artistic activities are also complementary to the creative experience.






03 The Artists


• Mika Shimauchi (b.1987)

Mika Shimauchi was born in Kumamoto in 1987. 2013 she received an art master degree in sculpture from Sojo University. She held her solo Exhibition “Big Romance”(Shun Art Gallery,Shanghai CHINA,2018)、“A Landscape seen from the border” (WHITE SPACE ONE, Fukuoka JP,2018)、“Shimauchi Mika works” (Galleria Grafica bis, Tokyo Ginza JP,2017)、“DOG” (Nakao Gallery, Kumamoto JP,2016)、“About a tree” (Lionel Wendit Gallery,Colombo SRILANKA,2012)、“Lesson” (Tsunagi art museum,Kumamoto JP,2012). Most of her works were made by clay. She tried to express the reality of our world by sculpture. Interested in “the view of life and death”, she made it her basic theme for the past few years.




• Yusuke Wakata (b.1995)

Yusuke Wakata was born in 1995 in Ehime, graduated from Musashino Art University in 2017, and enrolled at the Graduate School of Design at the Tokyo University of the Arts.While focusing on the space and the objects in our daily lives, Wakata has produced works which alter fixed idea derived from our unconscious. In order to link the alteration with the daily lives of people , Wakata tries to merge the disciplines of design and fine arts, and aims to produce works that make use of those characteristics.




• Kyoko Shindo (b.1982)

Kyoko Shindo is a Japanese Asian Modern & Contemporary artist who was born in Tokyo in 1982. Numerous key galleries and museums such as Gallery Yuki-Sis have featured Kyoko Shindo’s work in the past.She graduated from Tama Art University (M.A.Course) in 2007 and held several exhibitions,including “Soft parade”( Gallery TAGBOAT, Tokyo, Japan,2018),“48”(Gallery YUKI-SIS, Tokyo, Japan,2018),“Head chrysalis”(Gallery YUKI-SIS, Tokyo, Japan,2017),“Light, Darkness, Light”(Gallery YUKI-SIS, Tokyo, Japan,2015) ,“Thinking cow”(Gallery YUKI-SIS, Tokyo, Japan,2014) ,“Beautiful life”(Gallery YUKI-SIS, Tokyo, Japan,2012),“Game”( Gallery Trinity, Tokyo, Japan,2011),“-A Transient Apartment-”(Gallery Trinity, Tokyo, Japan,2010). She obtained “sompo-japan art award FACE 2017 Prize” in 2017,“Young Artists Japan Jury’s Special Award” in 2011,“Geisai Taiwan#2 Jury’s Special Award” and “Young Artists Japan Prize” in 2010.




• Tomohiro Kato (b.1981)

Tomohiro Kato was born in Tokyo in 1981and graduated at Tama Art University,M.F.A. in 2006. Currently lives in Tokyo. He held solo exhibition including “Anonymous” (TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka, 2019), “Steel tea room TETTEI @ART TAIPEI” (Taipei World Trade Exhibiton Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015), “Hidden Matter” (VOLTANY, Pier90, New York, 2015), “Steel tea room TETTEI @VOLTA BASEL” (MARKTHALLE, Basel, Switzerland, 2014), “Sun and Steel” (Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, Tokyo, 2013), “LiFe is steel full” (TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka, 2012), “Few” (Harmas Gallery, Tokyo, 2011), “Desolate World” (AISHO MIURA ARTS, Tokyo, 2008). He had obtained “KAIKA TOKYO ART AWARD 2020” Jury Award, “16th Taro Okamoto Art Prize” Taro Okamoto Award, “Geisai Taiwan #2” Masamichi Katayama Award, “Amuse Art Jam 2008”selected. He had made an outdoor permanent installation at 16th International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon (Icheon City Park, South Korea,2013).




• Sayuri Tsuboyama (b.1983)

Sayuri Tsuboyama was born in Fukuoka in 1983, JP.She graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting in 2008 and obtained M.F.A. in Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010.She had held several solo exhibitions including “Breathing outline ” (TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY,Tokyo, JP,2022),”Sayuri Tsuboyama Exhibition -Origin- “(Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main building 6F Art salon, Tokyo, JP,2021),” The Lost “(Gallery 58, Tokyo, JP,2010),“ Sayuri Ogata (maiden name) Solo Exhibition ”(Gallery ToWARU, Fukuoka, JP,2009).She had achieved “Independent Tokyo 2020 Second Prize” in 2020.




• Hitoshi Tsuboyama (b.1981)

Hitoshi Tsuboyama was born in Miyagi in 1981 and graduated from Miyagi Prefecture Sendaidaiichi High School and obtained B.F.A. in Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2008 and obtained M.F.A. in Painting, Tokyo University of the Artsin 2010.He had held solo exhibition including “ ENCODE ”(Contemporary Tokyo Beijing space, Beijing, CN,2023),” Lightning “(Contemporary Tokyo, Tokyo, JP,2021),” Identify “(Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo, JP,2018),”Symbolic “(Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo, JP,2017),”Low Resolution Realism”(YUKI-SIS, Tokyo, JP,2016),”Others”(YUKI-SIS,Tokyo,JP,2015).He had achieved “the 31th HOLBEIN Scholarship” in 2016,”IWONDER SEED PRIZE” in 2014,“Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize” in 2013.The artwork and graphic design of UNIQLO’s store windows for their global promotion of SUW (Sport Utility Wear) Spring/Summer 2022.




• Ayaka Nakamura (b.1988)

Ayaka Nakamura was born in Tokyo in1988.During 2009-2013 ,She studied in Musashino Art University, Tokyo JP (BA Fine Art, Printmaking).During 2005-2006,she went to Missouri USA  as a Exchange student.She had held several exhibitions, including “Hereafter” (Pepperʼ s Gallery,Ginza Tokyo JP,2013)、“Shine”( Gallery Enatsu, Roppongi Tokyo JP,2018).She had produced “The God of Irons and Agricultures”(NHK,Okinawa Animation,2018)、TOHOSHINKI “5 Dome Tour JP” Libe back animation(2017)、TOKYU “commercial of SHIBUYA Development” Effect animation(2017)、 “Old-story of Mukutaufutuchi of tragedy”(NHK Okinawa Animation,2017)、 Illustration for Reading event “ I Am a Cat / Soseki Natsume” (TOKIO from look book party / client: One-more Co., Ltd.,2017)、 “Old-story of Ball of gold and silver”(NHK Okinawa Animation,2016)、“Touch me…” illust.(Ryoko Moriyama,2016)、 “Old-story of Siblings are Close”(NHK Okinawa Animation,2015)、Tokuma Shoten Book cover illustration “My name is Ozunu (Bin Konno)”(2014)、 yuyu haruka, Animated Music Video “Desert nightʼ s dream”(2014).She had achieved “Independent TOKYO 2017 / Special Recognition Award” by Gallery of KURUM’ART contemporary(2017)、 Design Awards Asia “DESIGN OF THE DAY” /Animated Music Video “Smoke Tree” (2017)、“AIG AWARDS 2017 (Ikebukuro Art Gathering)” (2017)、Design Awards Asia “DESIGN OF THE DAY” / Animated Music Video “Smoke Tree” (2016).




• Hidemi Shimura (b.1974)

Hidemi Shimura was born in 1974.Her work, carefully created with thread, is intended to reflect the world around us as it is, such as the connection between people and the connection between people and the world.After majoring in fashion design at university, after working as a 3DCG creator, she became a contemporary artist. Immediately after her debut, she held her first solo exhibition in Paris, and has been actively working overseas since then. Settled in Shanghai from 2006 to 2013 and worked as an artist.

In recent years, she has also taken on the challenge of experimental work production, and is creating new series one after another.She has exhibited in Japan, China, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, including Tokyo and Shanghai. Currently living in Saitama prefecture in Japan.




• Yuta Fukazawa (b.1996)

Yuta Fukazawa was born in Hino City(Tokyo) in 1996. In 2015, he was graduated from the Department of Arts and Design at katakura high school(Tokyo), and graduated from the Department of painting art painting at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019. He had held exhibitions,including “furiwari Exhibition” (Ginza stage1, 2016), act art grand prize Exhibition (2016), “yotsutsuji Exhibition” (Ginza stage1, 2016) “the monoha group is great, but there is no color (nezu lucky curry, 2017),” Mirage “(Art Chiyoda 3331, 2017), Yuta Fukazawa’s first solo Exhibition (Tagboat Gallery, 2018),” Independent “(Tokyo Tagboat sponsored, 2018) He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of art, 2019).




• FENG Yilun (b. 1994)

Independent photographer and darkroom producer, born in Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, graduated from the Bisonde Printmaking Institute in Florence, Italy. Currently living and working in Shanghai. His works attempt to return to the era of the beginning of imaging in the 19th century, capturing the precipitation of light and shadow through various darkroom techniques from Italy, such as handmade photosensitive salt fixing. In his works, time and space shift from objective to subjective, and the stretching images flow with the rhythm of breathing, returning to the starting point of memory time and time again.




• CHEN Mo (b. 1994)

Born in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China. In 2017, he received a bachelor’s degree from the Painting Department of Venice Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, and in 2021, he received a master’s degree in formative arts from the First University of Paris – Pantheon Sorbonne University. He have worked in the layout of the 56th Venice Biennial Art Exhibition, worked at the Sino French Art Exchange Association, and was the founder of Shanghai Dianzi Collision Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. He currently live and work in Shanghai. In 2022, he hold a solo exhibition titled “Boundaries of Time and Space”. The 2018 work “Blue Afternoon” was included in the collection of the Guilin Art Museum.




• Dazhi (b. 1997)
Dazhi was born in Beijing in 1997 and currently resides and works in Beijing,graduated from the Affiliated Middle School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2018 and studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The current manager of the independent space “Building 23 Artist Community”. Da Zhi’s comprehensive material works conduct non narrative experiments based on household waste, exploring the framework of human meaning through the exploration of material itself. Her paintings stem from a trust in bodily instincts, creating illusions of reality to balance the firm will of formal rationality with the call of sensibility.