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李 治宪  LEE Chiheon

2023.8.18 – 10.1




Doctorate in Cultural Talent and Doctorate in Aesthetics from the Department of Fine Arts, General College of Chonnam National University. Lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts, Gangnam University, and Operations Manager of the “Mud Story” Ceramic Workshop. In 2017, he held a solo exhibition “On the Cause of Tea and Ceramics” at the Woojae Gil Art Museum, and invited the exhibition “LEE CHI HEON Tea Props Exhibition” by DAUNJE Gallery Since 1999, he has participated in a total of 73 group exhibitions and is also an invited artist for the 2018 Korean Japanese Ceramic Art Exchange Exhibition. His works were selected for the 2005 Design Exhibition and were selected for the 2004 and 1998 Chonnam Design Exhibition. He won the award at the 2004 and 1998 Choonhyang Art Exhibition.