崔 永 Young CHOI

2022.10.14 – 11.25




My paintings are based on media information such as SNS, YouTube, TV series, movies, advertisements, etc., in order to criticize these illusory images that are deliberately created to guide mass consumption.

If painting after the 20th century was influenced by photographs, today’s painting can be said to be completely manipulated by capitalist media.

Based on my personal preferences and experiences, I use network algorithms to select the desired images and create on the images. In the form of covering, erasing, etc. I use my “force” to push the “force” of the original image back in order to weaken the visual impact of the original image.

Geometric circles of various textures and colors are painted on Greenland Zombie ice, the majestic architectural spaces and the famous works of art, thereby creating another possibility of painting.

About the artist


Choi Young deeply explores the imaging of human eyes and cognitive science, and constantly seeks a unique visual language. After the retinal image is transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve, the image of things judged subjectively is formed. However, whether it is possible to distort the prototype of things subjectively. The artist tries to find out the truth. He puts the objective visual image of light on the canvas, and the subjective and objective, the real and the unreal are established side by side.

Choi Young’s paintings draw materials from mass media information, and weaken the visual “tension” of the original images by means of overlaying and erasing, trying to dissolve these intentionally created images that are manipulated by capitalist media and guided by mass consumption. The works in the exhibition “PUSH OUT” are the artist’s reconstruction of geometric figures with various textures and colors on the images of Greenland Zombie ice (Greenland Zombie ice), majestic architectural space, famous artworks, etc., endowing the painting with another a possibility.

Since Choi Yong entered the art field in 2009, he has held 14 solo exhibitions and held exhibitions in South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Russia, France, and the United States.

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