Party Before New Year Party

梁 廷玮 LIANG Tingwei

2022.12.20 – 2.19



Shun Art Gallery is honored to present artist Tingwei Liang’s solo exhibition Party Before New Year Party. The exhibition showcases the artist’s new works from 2022, including more than 20 works from the two series “GODISH” and “MIMICS”. Among them, the “GODISH” series differs from the previous works, adding new symbols. Through the re-creation of religious works at the beginning of the Renaissance, human beings are divided into divine and animal, that is, the monkey with a strong religious color in the work. This way of expression subtly allows the audience into the so-called perspective of God, looking back at human society itself in a higher dimension, and thinking about the significance of religion, an indispensable part of civilization, in human history that differs from the previous. The “MIMICS” series is derived from the Latin language and has the meaning of “imitation” in English, which means “monkeys imitate human behavior”. The almost identical sense of sight of monkeys expresses the epitome of human society from an absolute perspective.

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About the artist

梁廷玮 LIANG Tingwei

During his studies and creations in the UK, Liang Tingwei’s artistic research focused on the subtle connections between evolution and anti evolution, as well as animal hierarchies, such as knowledge and power, morality and communication. He hope to use traditional forms of expression to express my understanding of these viewpoints. Previously, Liang Tingwei devoted himself to academic research on the correlation between humanity and animalism, and expressed it in the form of art.

His works include three series: “MANKEY”, “GODISH”, and “MIMICS”. Since 2015, his works have been dedicated to exploring the relationship between human animalism and divinity, as well as the “meaning” values above the object itself. In 2017, the “Blue Monkey” series was created, which is also an important representative series of works by Liang Tingwei, among other conceptual works. The work is based on exploring the singularity and complexity of human reflection on their own society from a third perspective. The concept of ‘self observation by the viewer’ is an important concept that Liang Tingwei wants to convey in his works.

“It is difficult for us to see the meaning of our own existence. Sometimes we bring ourselves into the long and great river of human history, sometimes we marvel at our own insignificance under the stars, but we never get rid of our traces as animals.”

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