Masakazu SOMA Solo Show

相馬 正和 Masakazu SOMA

2022.2.11 – 3.20


About the artist

18 手捻りシーサー

Masakazu SOMA (b.1949)

Born in Yokohama in 1949. In 1971, he moved to Okinawa and studied under the late Takaesu Ikuo (modern master craftsman and traditional craftsman), and entered the kiln as a potter apprentice. In 1975, he relocated to Onna village to build a kiln and became independent. In 1978, he relocated to Yomitan Zakimi and moved the kiln. He visited all over the world, studied hard, and was certified as a traditional craftsman by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 2002.

The pottery kiln’s work, which features a party plate of millet ash glaze with tropical fish swimming in the blue sea,

also includes red paintings with Deigo flowers motifs, fish patterns, baked nanban, and pottery made in Okinawa. It makes full use of the method, and you can feel a strong commitment.

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