LINE of the City

金 智惠 Jihea KIM

2024.6.15 – 8.18


Walking along the lake in Shanghai, hydrangeas of different colors are in full bloom, which means the Plum rain season is coming soon. Shanghai, in the rain. The scenery of the city in the rain emerges.


Jihea Kim’s photography works overlap many photos of the city until the city scenery merges into colorful lines, from points to lines, and then to surfaces. In the combination of photography and painting, she conducts bold experiments. The abstraction woven by the concrete landscape leaves some concrete bits and pieces, those people, things, objects and trees in memory, and the tall buildings.


The city breathes in the rain.


Shun in Tokyo studio.

About the artist


Jihea Kim studied at Hongik University and received a master’s degree in printmaking and a doctorate in fine arts. Currently, she is a visiting professor at the Department of Printmaking, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University.


The artist abstracts time through abstract pictures made from landscape photos, through the way and intention of the paint flowing into the “texture of time”, and intervenes in the past, present and future time, thus revealing the truly abstract time.


“My work are the abstract works made of landscape photographs. This landscape is dug with white holes or cracked with minute lines. I am not quite sure whether it is cracked or its territories are ‘loosely’ designated.

The word ‘loosely’ means that my work attitude to involve the coincidence of digital in the work unlike work process. With such ‘loose attitude’ intended, I arbitrarily designate the image territories of the plane several times, which are going over the plane dimensionally every time by computer. Sometimes, however, the parts looking like some parts under the epidermis seem to be licked (designated again). The abstraction out of realistic image is the time of future embracing the past. That is the Time to See, the Time to Touch.”

Jihea KIM