戈 子馀 GE Ziyu_光素 h018_矿物粉、媒介剂_80×120cm_2021_m
戈 子馀 GE Ziyu_波系列之 01_综合材料_55×55cm_2019_m
戈 子馀 GE Ziyu_光素 h017_矿物粉、媒介剂_60×60cm_2021_m
戈 子馀 GE Ziyu_光素 h021_矿物粉、媒介剂_直径 80cm_2021_m
戈 子馀 GE Ziyu_光素·空间 h024_综合材料_35×35cm_2017_m

Limite Lumière

戈 子馀 GE Ziyu

2021.12.9 – 2.22


On The Way Home – [Channel]

– Preface to Ge Ziyu’s Solo Exhibition

A Heart Sutra was written by the artist in the early summer of 2021,he selected several stamps in the seal box, and the Heart Sutra came to me. On the sunny day of late autumn, rushing to the artist’s studio to meet the original works is the greatest joy of persisting in doing this job. The seemingly uninhabited door face at the entrance of the studio made me think it was the wrong address information. In the studio completely out of the sense of private life, you can feel the artist’s investment in the creation itself, which is different from life and higher than the daily state.

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About the artist

戈 子馀Portrait

Ge Ziyu graduated from the Department of Art of Donghua University and Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). He currently lives and works in Beijing and Wuxi. Ge Ziyu investigates materiality, abstraction, and perception through the subtle relation between light and space and precisely geometric paintings that he made.

Ge’s works have been featured in exhibitions at multiple galleries and art institutions including Walker Art Center, Singapore Contemporary Art Museum, Chi K11 Art Museum, Overseas Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery in Chongqing, Himalaya Art Museum, EGG Gallery, Linda Art Center, PIFO Gallery, Hive Art Center, etc. In 2018, the China Collectors Association-Contemporary Art Collection Committee conferred the artist the honorary award of “The Most Market Potential Contemporary Artist in China” in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.

His works are collected by institutions and private collectors in the United States, Italy, Britain, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other countries and regions: Cushman & Wakefield headquarters in China, Foster + Partners: Architectural Design and Engineering Firm, Wenheyou Art Museum, Jupiter Museum of Art, Major Shareholder of Max Mara, Director of Taipei Contemporary Art Association, K11 Shanghai Executive Director, Senior Chinese Art Collector Liu Gang, etc.

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