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Pale Fire

王 家增 WANG Jiazeng

2021.8.14 – 9.19



“Pale Fire”, means a fire that is about to die or dim, it’s the flames of the fire can’t be seen by our naked eyes. Using “Pale Fire” as the name of Wang Jiazeng’s solo exhibition at Shanghai Shun Art Gallery, intended to explore a more three-dimensional and diversified linguistic appearance which he through convert and use different materials and media to present ; Another meaning of “Pale Fire” is express the artist’s life force latent in multi-dimensional space, it’s the relics of industrial civilization looming and rebirth under the social process change; It is also the inner reflection and life experience of the individual look at themselves on the reality of the times.

In the context of tracing and watching the growth of life, Wang Jiazeng keenly captures the objects—-iron, which is closely related to his life. The historical temperature of this object: taking its solid physical properties as the basis for modeling and sculpture, folding and squeezing its shape; The pattern of the immersive color gamut presents a poetic language with personal spirits. From the perspective of artistic language expression. these static, heavy, and even tending to be concreted instantaneous image of objects, totally contain the diverse posture in a close or open field, like biological specimens be labeled in an unknown place, they are quiet and solemn, drifting in a mystical unknown universe.

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About the artist

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Born in Shenyang , Liaoning Province, Used to teach in Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Professor of Art School of Renmin University of China. Solo Exhibition: The Event Of Iron , Today Art Museum , Beijing China(2020); The Fold Of Objects , Whitebox Art Center , Beijing China(2018);Public Collections:60 pieces are collected by British Museum, Ashmolean Museum of Cambridge University, Dusseldorf Museum, National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, China Print Art Museum, Beijing Today Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, GuanShanYue Art Museum, Anhui Art Museum, Sichuan Art Museum, Guizhou Art Museum, Qingdao Art Museum, Liaoning Art Museum, Heilongjiang Art Museum,etc.



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