Artists Residency Project at Florence Sponsored by Shun Art Gallery

Published Monday, February 20, 2023

01 Artists Residency Project at Florence



Shanghai Shun Art & Design Co., Ltd.(上海熏依社文化艺术有限公司), established in August 2006, is the head company of Shun Art & Design Group in China. The name comes from the Chinese pronunciation of “Shun Art & Design”. “熏” is the pronounciation of Shun, “依” means Art, and “社” signifies Design. The company is mainly involved in the operation of contemporary art, extending its pursuit of art, culture, design and brand to create an artistic and design cultural industry. We aim to provide opportunities for Asian emerging artists to showcase their works as well as introduce overseas artists to clients. Shun Art Gallery is working on the concept of Asian Contemporary Art because we trust that “Asia”is the most important concept of the future. We hope to make contributions towards the internationalization of Chinese contemporary art.



The artist’s residence project of Shun Art Gallery include “Tiger’s house” in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, and “biancospino studio” in Florence, Italy. Florence is a central city in Italy, a city with thousand years of history and culture, suitable for living and creating. The place where the Renaissance originated. The city location is between Rome and Milan, two hours away, and two and a half hours by train to Venice. The ” biancospino studio “ is located on the side of the Arno River, which runs through the city centre, and is ideal for artists to think and inspire. 10 minutes to the city centre by tram from studio, and 20 minutes by walk. Opposite the studio river is Florence’s largest Cascine park, with a beautiful environment.




0The Artist



•Maiko Kobayashi(b.1977)

In 1998, She graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College with a major in Stage Design, and in 2008 graduated from Northumbria University( UK), with a master’s degree in art practice.Now She lives and works in Tokyo.She held several solo Exhibitions including “Kawaii Thinker”(Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China,2018),“ DEAR ART”(Gallery WADA, Tokyo Japan,2017),“ Living in the City”(ROPPONGI HILLS A/D GALLERY, Tokyo Japan,2016),“Capture the moment” (MITSUME, Tokyo Japan,2015),“The works so far…”(Machida City Hall, Tokyo Japan,2014),“mind / heart : right / light”(Gallery WADA, Tokyo Japan,2013),“Drift into Time”(Galerie OMOTESANDO, Tokyo Japan,2012),“Sorrows of Life”(ROPPONGI HILLS A/D GALLERY, Tokyo Japan,2011)“MIND in a Gap”( Galerie OMOTESANDO, Tokyo Japan,2011),“ID”( LMD Gallery, Paris France,2010),“Vale of Tears”(hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO, Tokyo Japan,2009).