"Track" is opening on Dec.18th 2019, through Feb.23th, 2020 2019-12-05
Duration:   Nov.18th, 2019 (Wed.) – Feb.23th, 2020 (Sun.) 12pm - 8pm 
Artist:        Hidemi SHIMURA
Producer:  Shun
Host:          Shun Art Gallery | Taiyuan Space
Address:    No.4, Taiyuan Community, Lane 25, Taiyuan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 
Tel:              +86 (0)21 5496 1918
Web:           www.shunartdesign.com
Email:         gallery@shunartdesign.com

From sericulture to silk extraction, to dyeing, the silk industry, is originated from the Yangtze River. The location which along with the water, the meandering and winding river which bends around, the tender and lingering Wu dialect, all these essential conditions emerged the prosperity of the silk industry. Silk technique almost generated with the emergence of ancient Chinese culture and spread out until today. There is a saying that there are more than 1,400 kinds of silk thread in Suzhou, which are much more than in other countries.