Mono - Youth Artists Group Exhibition 2014-03-21
Opening :Apr 12,2014 (Sat) -- May 25,2014 (Sun)
Duration :10:00 -- 19:00
Venue :Rm103/208, Building3, No.50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai,China
Tel/Fax : 86 21 52527198/86 21 52527198
Web :
Artist :Pan Xiaoxiao   GONG He   Choi Young   Sakumi WADA   Tao Hongjing   Zhu Keran   Fu Jingyan   HE Zhenhao   Wang Zhen   

In this changing life nowadays, by the appearance of new things coming up, we also changing our thoughts and life styles, while the artists are still dedicated to capture the images and feelings which are sensible to their life but maybe ignored by others. Viewers have a chance to take a break from the busy and noisy life through art, to reconsider surrounding people and things, missing the ones lost and cherishing the ones important. 
We hope to catch young artists’ interpretations of nowadays life from different perspectives through this exhibition, breaking through national boundaries, races and genders. While observing different individual life, but also thinking through our own reality situations, there must be a hint to find what kind of Utopia that we really desiring for.
We believe that each artist of this exhibition will present their amazing works to you.