Choi Chang Ho

The Korean fashion designer Choi Chang Ho, lives in China for 18 years, has been following the comfortable concept in fashion design, relying on scissoring to highlight the smooth lines of the clothes. Compared with the unique design sense, he attaches more importance to designing of detail and fine texture.
Seeing from his design, you can always find merits of restrain, pureness, and modesty which are derived from Asian character.
Suitable, simple, exquisite choichangho, with pure-nature high quality materials, exquisite cutout, oriental-style of simplicity and plainness, this is the high-level costume fashion brand from Korea. The founder of choichangho, Mr. Choi Chang Ho is a top-level fashion designer in Korean fashion industry. Since his first fashion show in Seoul Fashion Week in 1999, he was invited to hold his solo fashion show (Tokyo collection) in Tokyo in 2002, 2005 and 2006, and achieved great success. After that, he opened his own brand flagship shop named with his name in Seoul and Tokyo consequently. With a concept of “The rarer, the more precious”, the customer increased more and more both in Seoul and Tokyo. In 2011, as a succession to the brand spirit of choichangho, miollis & miodressroom entered into China market in a low profile, won the favor of many high-end customer who pursue for uniqueness and nature.
Fashion Weeks
1999 Seoul collection
2001~present Seoul collection
2002 China Fashion Week (Beijing), Tokyo Collection
2002 Osaka collection
2005-2006 s/s Tokyo collection
2007-2009 Shanghai Fashion Week
2011 miollis & miodressroom
2013 NEW POP—Art + Fashion Exhibition, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China