Zhu Keran

1986      Born in Anhui Province
2009      Graduated from Watercolor Department, Art Institute of Qingdao University
2013      Graduated from Oil Painting Department, Chengdu Academy of
                Fine Arts, Master Degree  Student of Famous Artist He Duoling .

Group Exhibitions
2014       Mono-Youth Artists Group Exhibition, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
2013       Progress Every Day, Zhuzhong Museum of Art, Beijing China
                The 3rd Nine Cities Art Exhibition, Chengdu China
                Art Bridges Cultures-CYAP Exhibition, Austrian Embassy, Beijing China
                Da Tang Annual Chinese Aggressive Art Exhibition, WenXuan Museum of Art,Chengdu China
                Chinese Contemporary Sketch Works, Shenzhen China
                TMAX Art Festival, Beijing China
                Emperament-Chengdu Young Artists Exhibition, The Gallery, Shanghai China
                Where have all the Flowers, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an China
2012       Individual Code-12 Artists Group Exhibition, Baiye Gallery, Chengdu China
                Traces-Exhibition of Excellent Art Works Selected from the New Stars Art Festival,Beijing China
                Teacher as well as Friend-Exhibition of He Duoling and His Students, Beijing China
                Detonation!-2012 CYAP Exhibition, International Convention Center, Beijing China
                The 2nd National Nine Cities Exhibition, Art Market of Chengdu, Chengdu China
                The Sound of Silence-Zheng Chi and Her Friends, Blue Roof Museum of Art,Chengdu China
                Micro Experience-2012 Young Artists Invitation Exhibition, Shenzhen Museum of Art, Shenzhen China
2011       Come close to Artists, Chengdu China
                Pride Youth Falling on My Cheeks, No. 10 Gallery Youth Artists Invitation Exhibition, Chengdu China
                If We Hold On Together Charity Auction, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
                Lotus Falls-Nine Artists Group Exhibition, Baiye Gallery, Chengdu China
                We ? Youth-Exhibition of He Duoling and His Students, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai China
                The 2nd New Star Art Festival, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai China
Art Fair
2012      Art Asia Miami 2012, Miami, Florida USA