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  • By taxi
    The Gellery is on the Mogangshan Road
    near Changhua Road.
  • By subway
    From Zhong tang Road Station, Subway Line No. 3:
    Walk from Exit 5.
    From Shanghai Railway Station. Walk from Exit 2.
  • By Bus
    Changhua Road. at Puda Road. Stop: 801.
    Changhua Road. at Aomen Road. Stop: 76, 105, 801.
Shanghai Shun Art & Design Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Shun Art & Design Co., Ltd is the head company of Shun Art & Design Group in China, was established at No.50 Moganshan RD in August 2006. The name comes from the Chinese pronunciation of "Shun Art & Design", "Xun" means Shun, "Yi" means Art, and "She" means Design. Our company is mainly engaging n the operations of its gallery - Shun Art Gallery. Shun Art & Design Group also has offices in Paris and Tokyo respectively. We all work together to build a platform of the transnational enterprise.


The rapid development and continuous creativity makes Asiathe new worldwide contemporary art center. We aim to provide opportunities to Asian emerging artists to showcase their work as well as introduce overseas artists to clients.


Since its inception 2006, we aim to build up a sturdy exhibition and service system. We are also trying to cultivate talented curators through holding exhibitions and guiding new collectors. We hope through a series of elaborate exhibition, wewill gradually raise the galleries'levelof profession, so as to lead the industry's academic level.


Shun Art Gallery tries to provide all art loversand collectors a cozy environment via good art works. We aim to provide delicate service and the best collections to all customers. In order to impress our customer and gain their trust, our gallery offers delicate services and excellent art collections that are beyond their expectation.


We aim to improve the education level and the popularity of the local art education. We insist on good faith management, paying great attention to social responsibilities, and participating in social welfare. We respect the spirit of fair competition, and discard regional, age and gender discrimination and prejudice. We are devoted to fulfilling the responsibilities in our society and cultural development.

Shun Art & Design Co.Ltd takes 'Common pursuit of sustainable innovative management' as its enterprise vision.We hope to make colleagues happy through art, culture, design and brand pursuit.

Act for Artists:
China: Jing Shijian, Wang Qing, Gong He, Gong Xinru, Wang Zhanxin, Pan Xiaoxiao, Gan Daofu, Chen Ji, Bei Bang, Yang Bingliang, Shun
Japan: Mikuo Konoki, Yuki Matsueda, Ryo Mizuno, Hirano Kousaku, Aki Fueda, Emi Uchida,
Korea: KOO Bona, Ahn Sung Kyu, Lee Seung-hyun, Kim Jun Sik, Lee Young-mi
Belgium: Koen Segers etc.